Posted a few images over the last week as you can see below. I’m starting to get more of a feel for the aesthetic that I want to go for now. The staff on my course don’t seem to be too sympathetic to graffiti art despite its developments in the fine art and design communities in the last few years. Apparently there’s no substance behind the art and it is meaningless?? I am choosing to ignore what they said…I want to present graffiti from a very clean, no gimmicks perspective. I love Swiss design and the contrast between graffiti and Swiss could make an interesting approach. The theory behind each movement seem to be like polar opposites. Graffiti is all about seeing your name in lights from a very personal self developed style. Everything about the art is about the person who is painting it. Swiss on the other hand is very neutral, It’s ethic focuses on distilling communication to its purest forms. More blabbing and images to come soon.


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