Iv’e had some success in the print room lately. Usually what i try to do does not work or my screens never really come out as I hoped. Though last week I decided to experiment with relief printing. As you can see below I crushed some spray cans. I achieved this by first smashing them apart with a brick (which was quite fun) then crushing them in the printing press. This got them quite flat but not flat enough to get a decent print from them. So I took a trip down to the Metal work room in our university to see what they could do. One guy was very helpful and after several attempts managed to squeeze one through a sheet metal roller. This made them very flat. To the point where the mixing balls in the can pierced the outer skin! Armed with these i then went to the print room and experimented with various printing methods. The most successful being inking up the can then laying the paper over the top and gently pushing the paper up against the can with my finger. I have to go pick them up tomorrow so expect pictures soon.


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