Anagram Poster

A responce to a brief which asked to design a poster based on the word anagram. The poster is a colour coded visual representation of an algorithm used by search engined to exhaust all possible combinations of letters.

Final size was A1, will try and get a photo of the print up soon.




I have just began my final year project. I have not managed to nail down a specific brief for myself yet but i know the final outcomes will revolve around type as image. Accepting the inevitable i had a go at designing my first typeface. The concept was to produce letterform that display my progression from graffiti art into the graphic design industry. Therefore creative play with the structure of the letters is apparent but each stick to strict rules of form.


Jama’s Diner

Jama’s Diner

Jama's Diner

Jama’s Diner was a responce to a brief to design a typographically based restaurant. I decided to focus my efforts on recreating a 50’s themed diner as i wanted to explore illustrative type taking inspiration from sign painting of the period.

Don’t hate on me for doing this. It was for a friend who is a lead singer in an Avril Lavigne tribute band. (yes they do actually exist) Shes currently studying performing arts at Oxford Brookes so thought I would give a helping hand.

Meze Flyer

My mates spinning some DnB down at Meze in Newport this weekend alongside some local talent from Bristol and Cardiff. He needed a flyer made within a day, this is what I come up with.